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Magical Charm Wishmaker

Magical Charm Wishmaker

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The Magical Charms are items created by Ladybug to prevent some further persons from akumatizations.  As seen in "Queen Banana", once the person carries a magical charm, Shadow Moth's akumas can't turn them into villains anymore.

According to Alya in "Mr. Pigeon 72" the power of creation granted by the Ladybug Miraculous allows its holder to create anything they need. Marinette decides to create the Magical Charms to be able to protect former akumatized friends from Shadow Moth's akumas. It prevents them from being disturbed by new akumas using their negative emotions.

Get one of our magical charms to feel the protection of Ladybug because all our fans matter. Our Magical Charms can be used as a phone case charm or a keychain.

This is an official product from the Official Zag Store. Made in Stainless Steel and enamel with two small beads.

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