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Miraculous Peacock Gabriel Camouflage Brooch

Miraculous Peacock Gabriel Camouflage Brooch

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Hide your Miraculous by wearing this official Camouflage Peacock Miraculous brooch inspired by Gabriel Agreste's own from the TV show Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir.  Be the next Peacock Miraculous wielder and protect your secret identity with this camouflage Miraculous brooch. 

The Kwami associated with the Peacock Miraculous is Duusu. Lost by Wang Fu, the previous Miraculous Guardian, the peacock brooch allows its holder to give life to any emotion.

This Camouflage Peacock Miraculous brooch is the perfect gift for every Miraculous Fan. Gold plated with red stones, this Miraculous brooch is perfect for your collection. Locked by a safety pin, this jewelry will suit your bags, shirts, skirts, or every clothes for your everyday outfits. You can even complete your Gabriel's cosplay.

    • Color: Gold Plated
    • Size: 34mm * 50mm * 3mm
    • Package: Zag Box
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